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Hi, Friends and Customers,

Send me your unique experience with people noticing these purses and I'll feature your story on the website.

Here's an example:  while filling up my gas tank, a man at the gas station asked where he could get one for his wife!  I sold him one right then and there!

Another example:  a woman in the Chinese restaurant complimented me on my cell phone/reading glasses holder and, after bringing my supply into the restaurant from my car, she bought a pink one!

Another:  after bumping into an old friend at the supermarket, whom I hadn't seen for 10 years, she complimented me on the cell phone holder and I brought her out to my car where she bought a variety of bags as X-mas gifts for her friends!

Here's another one:  ran into someone at the Shell Station who complimented my cell phone holder.  Took her out to my car where she bought a few items and I noticed on her check that she had the same last name as me and that we were distantly related!

From Dorothy R., Marina, CA: My sister and I went on a cruise together and she carried our lipsticks and drink cards in the amulet purse and I fell in love with it.  I was so excited to see you had the same one!!!

From Monnie in Louisville, KY:  I have to tell you how I found you. I am a dental hygienist. The other day a patient of mine was wearing what I think was one of your cell phone holders with a dog on it. She said she got it at our state fair last August. My sister's birthday is June 1, and I thoought this would be a perfect gift for hwer. So started my internet search. My husband finally found your site. Hooray for the power of the internet! I am looking forward to receiving the pouch.





Send your stories to me at marilynn@beadyvelvet.com

Thank you and enjoy these little beaded velvet works of art!